One of the most important parts of keeping on top of any potential Legionella outbreak is the routine monitoring of core temperatures found in water systems. This can be done manually or remotely, with the latter becoming increasingly popular. 
Operating a remote system means you can minimise the need for engineers to regularly enter properties to record temperature readings; an advantage for sensitive sites such as schools, healthcare facilities and care homes. This saves money, time and access delays, and maintains consistent testing locations. By removing the need to travel to numerous locations to record temperatures, we are also helping to reduce our carbon footprint. 
Recently, specific guidance from HTM 04-01: Safe Water in Healthcare Premises states: 
7.4 Whereas many of the checks will, of necessity, require the use of separate thermometric equipment, some of the temperature checks can be carried out by continuous monitoring such as sensors and reporting systems (optionally linked to a building management system (BMS)). Where a BMS is used, it will be essential to ensure that regular calibration and physical tests are performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 
7.5 More extensive use of automatic sensors and reporting systems should be considered for surveillance of systemic temperature profiling. Sensors should be located throughout the whole hot and cold-water systems to ensure they give representative temperature values. 
Our latest Legionella remote monitoring system, Legionella Tech, is an efficient risk management tool, especially when used as part of a complete Legionella control regime. Our device constantly monitors the temperatures in sections of pipe work, raising real-time alarms for temperature non-conformance, low/no flow events and scalding risks. It eliminates manual reading and recording of pipe temperature, and all records are stored online in one place & are easily accessible. 
GES Water’s Legionella Tech can automatically flush hot and cold-water outlets too. The system also has the capability to monitor other parameters (e.g. closed water system corrosion control, water meter throughput etc, where inputs from the device are available). 
With Legionella Tech remote monitoring you could save expensive labour costs, reduce water usage (estimated at 18 litres per temperature check, if done manually), and energy costs by not running hot water outlets. 
For more information on Legionella Tech click here! 
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