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You have regulatory responsibilities if you own or operate a commercial building under the 1974 Health and Safety Act to conduct water safety and a Legionella assessment schedule. To protect your tenants or employees from disease, you should conduct a Legionella risk assessment.  
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About Legionella 

Legionella and similar bacteria can live in water that has been stored or recirculated. These bacteria may cause serious illnesses, such as Legionnaire's disease, a fatal form of pneumonia. People of all ages may be infected, but those with chronic health conditions or weakened immune systems are particularly susceptible. 
Regular Legionella risk assessments and prompt corrective action will help to reduce the risk of water-related health problems. 

How we can help 

GES Water is a leading specialist in Legionella and Water Hygiene across Northamptonshire and the UK, providing expert water hygiene services and national coverage to clients. 
With years of experience and quality technical competence, our highly trained professionals ensure your tenants or employees are fully protected against harmful illnesses. 
We are UKAS accredited, meaning that we hold all the essential resources to carry out Legionella assessments, and all our assessors work to an appropriate code of conduct to complete assessments with impartiality and integrity. 
We have several safeguards in place, such as appropriate liability insurance in case of any difficulties, and ensure quality processes are used to handle any appeals and complaints. Our team are fully qualified and prepared for any eventuality, so you don’t need to worry. 

Legionella risk assessments 

Our Legionella risk assessments will include a full on-site review of all water supplies, as well as an audit of all residents, employees and visitors to ascertain the level of risk present and whether or not contamination is a risk. Temperature control is required in all environments where water is treated or recirculated, as certain temperatures make hazardous bacteria more susceptible to growth. Required risk-control measures, such as remote monitoring and the implementation of maintenance and preventive measures in accordance with the Official Health and Safety Guidelines, are fully stated. We will also send you a summary date so that we can run regular risk checks to keep you safe. 
Our team can carry out extra preventative work if needed to maintain essential water hygiene standards and reduce threats to health. 
Legionella prevention is an essential and legal part of your property owner obligations, so if you require a Legionella risk assessment, contact GES Water to book one today. 

Areas we cover include: 

Burton Latimer 
Earls Barton 
Higham Ferrers 
and nationally across the UK 

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