Legionella Risk Management is not Optional for Hotels, it is a must have. 
Many hotel managers consider that a Legionella Risk Assessment is not necessary for hotel premises. This is certainly not the case and in fact hotels can be a high potential risk from Legionella because many of the customers using hotel facilities are in the high risk category. 
Legionella is a bacteria that grows in the environment and engineered water systems. It was first identified following an outbreak of severe pneumonia that affected a hotel meeting of the American Legion in 1976. Legionnaires’ disease is usually contracted by inhaling the legionella bacteria in aerosol water droplets.  
Legionella bacteria appear to grow best in water between 20 – 45°C. For this reason it is important that systems which have the potential to grow legionella are closely monitored and treated. Unfortunately these systems are extremely common and present in most companies. 
Hotels usually have a network of hot and cold water services running throughout the building. Most hotels will have showers and these are one of the higher risk systems for the proliferation of legionnaire’s disease. 
Many hotel are established older building where plumbing can be challenging. It is important to ensure that hot and cold water temperatures are maintained at the correct temperatures and to ensure there are no infrequently used outlets or dead legs in the hot and cold water systems. 
Larger hotels have water softeners, swimming pools, spas and Jacuzzis all of which are high risk systems when considering control of Legionella. 
GES Water, one of the UK leading companies in Legionella Risk Management, we can offer a total risk analysis and Legionella control for owners and managers of Hotels.  
As previously mentioned it is important to do so because legionella is a risk for almost all water systems found within buildings and must be effectively controlled. From our experience hotels have complex hot and cold water systems as well as spas and swimming pools all of which could contribute to a higher risk of Legionella. 
The ramifications of a Legionella in your hotel outbreak would be catastrophic in terms of reputation, possible closure, and cost including possible heavy fines should your Legionella management be in question. 

Legionella Risk Assesment 

The first step in the control and management of Legionella is to undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment. To do this you need a competent person or company to carry out the assessment. GES Water Ltd are accredited with UKAS 17020 Legionella Assessment 
The risk assessment will cover every aspect of your water systems and identify the level of risk and provide the basis of a control and management programme to minimise any problems. 

UKAS 17020 Accredited Legionella Risk Assessment is fast becoming the bench required for building managers. 

Why have a UKAS 17020 Accredited Legionella Risk Assessment? 
The UKAS accreditation process determines, in the public interest, the technical competence and integrity of organisations offering testing, inspection, calibration and certification services. 
UKAS is the only body recognised by Government to assess these types of organisations against internationally recognised standards, and it does so across all market sectors by offering a transparent and consistent approach which builds business and consumer confidence. 
It therefore provides an independent and authoritative declaration that the organisation carrying out the risk assessment has the staff, facilities, technical expertise, management systems and track record to undertake the activity professionally and competently. 
As an UKAS 17020 Accredited Company we at GES Water must demonstrate that: 
Risk assessments are carried out independently and impartially. UKAS looks for sufficient safeguards to ensure that links to other bodies do not influence the risk assessment or any subsequent recommendations 
Integrity is being maintained by all staff at all levels through the contractual obligation to written codes of conduct. Such safeguards are necessary to ensure that inspections are undertaken with sufficient impartiality and that recommendations are appropriate to given situations. 
This accreditation represents the commitment of GES Water Ltd to quality and consistency in all we do. 

Main Reference and Guidance Documents for the Control of Legionella 

Legionnaires' disease - A brief guide for duty holders 
The control of legionella bacteria in water systems L8. Approved Code of Practice and guidance on regulations 
The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems 
Health and safety guidance HSG274 Part 2 Hot and Cold water service 

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