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From small sheltered housing schemes to large Industrial facilities, GES Water offers solutions compliant with current legislation. 

What is Legionnaires’ Disease? 

Legionella is a bacteria that grows in the environment and engineered water systems. 
It was first identified following an outbreak of severe pneumonia that affected a meeting of the American Legion in 1976. Legionnaires’ disease is usually contracted by inhaling the legionella bacteria in aerosol water droplets. Legionnaires’ disease is a relatively rare form of pneumonia but is fatal in approximately 12% of the 300-350 cases reported in the UK every year since the start of the century. It is actually one of a group of similar diseases collectively known as legionellosis. The other forms, eg Pontiac Fever, and Lochgoilhead Fever, have similar symptoms but are not as serious as Legionnaires’ disease. 
Certain groups of individuals are more susceptible to contracting and dying of Legionnaires’ disease, for example, men and those over 45 years old, but smokers, alcoholics, diabetics and those with cancer or chronic respiratory or kidney disease are also more susceptible. Legionella bacteria appear to grow best in water between 20 – 45°C., For this reason, it is important that systems which have the potential to grow legionella are closely monitored and treated. Unfortunately, these systems are extremely common and present in most companies. Legionnaires’ Disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia which can affect anybody, but which principally affects those who are susceptible because of age, illness, immunosuppression, smoking etc. 
About half the cases of Legionnaires’ disease are caught abroad. It is caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila and related bacteria that can be found naturally in environmental water sources such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, usually in low numbers. As they are commonly found in environmental sources they may also be found in purpose built water systems such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and whirlpool spas. 

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The site manager has contacted us to say he was very impresses with the team and how hard they worked. I appreciate it is very difficult because you have other commitments and have to rota your overtime but if you could send most, if not all of this team in the future, I know the client would be very grateful. 
Very pleased with the service, good lines of communication, excellent time keeper for the sampling appointment, results of the sampling provided quickly. Good Presentation of the technician and the corporate uniform. 
The work on our water tank was perfectly undertaken by Chris and Kevin and in good time. We are relieved taht all is well and thankful for the courtesy and help you provided, so many thanks from all the Sisters here 
I am writing to highlight the diligence and dedication demonstrated by your team while visiting our site. The residents and I noticed the enthusiasm and extra hours Darren and Andy put in to complete the work. I appreciated Darren's positive attitude and his ability to motivate residents to contribute to getting the whole site done in the time frame. He seemed to have a catalogue of spontaneous responses to different issues that he needed to address for residents. The residents were impresses with Andy's friendly and respectful behaviours while visiting their homes. His care and attention to detail was second to none. I was personally impressed with their professional manner and timely delivery of objectives. My colleagues also described the gentlemen as 'most helpful and very pleasant to work with'. I would be grateful if you would share our comments with your staff and express our thanks. 
Please can you pass on the customers' compliments to whoever was involved at the work this list weekend at the above site. The customer has called me to compliment the guys with respect to their attitude and the standard of work they carried out. As their efforts reflect well on us, please pass on my own thanks along with my customers. 

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