Closed Heating and Chilled System 

It is vitally important that closed heating and chilled water systems are correctly treated and maintained for maximum efficiency and longevity. 

Closed Circuit Water System Services 

GES Water Ltd. ensure that closed system water treatment solutions minimise the risk of corrosion, biofouling and scale that affect the reliability and performance of your closed circuit and closed loop water systems. 
Our closed circuit water system services are delivered by qualified and competent engineers who will help you reduce costs, save energy, enhance operational efficiency and reliability, and extend your assets lifespan. 

GES Water Flushing and Water Treatment Services for Closed Systems include: 

Dynamic flushing of closed systems in accordance with BISRA BG29/2020 Guidance for Pre commission of pipe work systems 
Supply of Corrosion and Biocide chemicals for dosing of closed systems. 
Supply and installation of dosing pots or more sophisticated dosing and control systems. 
Pre-commission flushing/cleaning of closed systems (BISRA BG29/2020 Guidance for Pre commission of pipe work systems) 
UKAS accredited microbiological and chemical analysis services (BS 8552:2012). 
Provision of expert labour and equipment to flush and cleaning contaminated systems. 

Regular sampling and testing 

Closed water systems such as heating and chilled water systems are prone to attack from a bio-film bacteria and effects from corrosion. Both of these elements can reduce the efficacy and life span of closed water systems 
It is important to regularly sample your buildings closed heating or cooling system for microbiological and chemical analysis. Ensuring the system is under good control to prevent nitrate or sulphate reducing bacterial growth and protect from corrosion and scale with sufficient chemical inhibitor levels in the system (such as Nitrite or Molybdate). 
Guidance documents such as the BSRIA documents, the BG/29 / BG/50 and the British Standards documents BS7593 / BS8552 provide business users with the relevant information to ensure water systems are treated and maintained to a suitable standard. 

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