January is just around the corner, and the New Year as always will bring an influx of gymgoers in full force to get healthy again after Christmas. 
Leisure centres and gyms often have several different pieces of facilities that involve water management. For example, spas, showers, baths, public pools, drinking fountains and hot tubs. This means breeding grounds for legionella bacteria. As a result, legionella control for leisure centres and gyms is crucial.  
The disease, which is contracted from Legionella bacteria, is a pneumonia-like lung infection that can develop after inhaling infected water droplets and can prove fatal in some cases. 
What controls should you already have in place? 
The following points should already be in place or considered: 
-A nominated ‘Responsible Person’ is appointed for both domestic water and the swimming pools; 
-A Water Safety Plan in place for both domestic water and the swimming pools; 
-Water Safety Records of all checks for both domestic water and the swimming pools are kept; 
-Adequate Legionella training for management and those who monitor the domestic water and the swimming pools is given; 
-Suitable Legionella risk assessments are in place for both domestic water and the swimming pools. 
Is your gym safe, compliant, and ready for more visitors? As the owner of a leisure centre, it is a legal requirement to have a Legionella Risk Assessment conducted on your premises. Failure to do so may end in casualties, as well as a heavy fine. 
GES Water can guarantee that our clients are fully aware of and in total compliance with all the current Legislation, Codes of Practice & Guidance. GES Water is a member of the Legionella Control Association (LCA) and has many other accreditations that you can see here. 
To ensure that your business is fully compliant and operating within the law, call us today on 0800 121 8808, send an email to [email protected] or submit a contact form here. 
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