Legionella has been found in the hot water at University Hospital Monklands, health chiefs confirm. 
NHS Lanarkshire has confirmed that legionella bacteria has been found in the hot water system of one of the buildings at University Hospital Monklands in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire. The health board says the bacteria is isolated in the hot water system. Filters have now been placed on basins and showers in the hospital in effort to prevent any infections. The cold water system has not shown signs of contamination and there is not believed to be a risk associated with the drinking water.  
There is no suggestion at this time that the bacteria has spread to anyone in the hospital. 
Legionnaires' disease is a serious lung infection that kills about 10 per cent of individuals it infects. Sufferers face flu-like symptoms including a cough, fever and headache, which in serious cases progress to pneumonia. It usually spreads through tiny droplets of water in the air through sources such as air conditioner units, humidifiers and taps and showers that are rarely used. 
This is the second time that legionella bacteria has been discovered in Monklands in less than two years. Legionella was identified in cold water sources in September 2021. 
Karen Goudie, chief of nursing services at University Hospital Monklands, said: “Following routine water sampling, legionella bacteria has been detected in the hot water system of the west tower at University Hospital Monklands. 
“The cold water system is not affected and does not present risk in terms of safety of drinking water. No patients have been affected by the findings. 
“All standard infection prevention and control measures are in place to keep staff and patients safe. This includes fitting filters on washbasins and shower outlets to ensure the water is safe for use. 
“We will continue to test the hot water until we have full sets of negative samples and the filters remaining in place for as long as required.” (Source here
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