The warmer weather has finally arrived and many of you are spending more time in the garden and in your hot tubs, but if you are taking a dip, it's important to keep it CLEAN as nasty bugs and germs could be lurking. 
Hot tubs can be breeding grounds for bacteria that can make you seriously ill. People using hot tubs can be at risk of E.Coli, folliculitis, and other infections caused by the Pseudomonas. But it’s Legionella bacteria that can cause the biggest risk. 
This can be avoided by ensuring your tub is disinfected properly. Here are some of our top tips to keep your hot tub clean this summer. 
1. Shower before. 
Showering beforehand will prevent any soap residue from creams and deodorants contaminating your hot tub. 
2. Clean the water. 
Changing the water regularly, every 3 – 4 months will ensure it stays germ free. If the water looks dirty, then you will need to change it. Clean water is mostly clear. 
Make sure the PH level is between 7.2 – 7.8. 
3. Clean the filters. 
It is advised you should spray each cartridge with a hose, thoroughly removing any debris between filter pleats. Using filter cleaners will also keep them in good working condition and filters should be replaced every three years. 
If you are going away on holiday, it is important to put measures in place to keep your hot tub in a good condition and bacteria free. 
• Adjust the PH level before you go according to the manual. 
• Use chlorination to sanitise the hot tub. 
• Ensure you put the cover on to stop any debris falling in the water. 
• On return you should balance the PH levels and sanitise the water. 
If you’re unsure about the safety of your hot tub, get in touch with a professional who can assess the level of risk and make suggestions to help you reduce the risk of Legionella. Contact us here for more information. 
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