Water Sampling & Microbiological Monitoring 

GES Water understands the importance of water analysis in a wide range of water systems. Working in partnership with a highly efficient laboratory we can cater to all our client’s microbiological monitoring needs. 

Fast Turnaround 

We can provide fast turnaround analysis on a wide range of Micro-Organisms such as: 
E. coli 
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 
drinking water suites 
We can provide support and guidance on the type of testing you need as well as helping you interpret the results once they are received. We can assist you with the remedial actions (if any) that are needed following any abnormal results. 

UKAS Requirements 

When taking water samples, we must ensure they are taken in line with the British Standards and UKAS 107025 requirements. We have specific method statements to show the strict process of taking water samples and ensuring these processes are following consistently. Our highly skilled engineers take the necessary precautions in order to safely transport the samples to the laboratory and avoid any risks of contamination and inaccuracy of the results. 

Accredited Training Courses 

To view and book from our range of Accredited Training Courses please click below... 

Contact Us 

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