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Commercial and Industrial Buildings Legionella Risk Management and Control 
Commercial and Industrial buildings include a whole range of challenges with respect to Legionella Risk and Control Management. 
Not only are there hot and cold water services, there will be many other types of water systems, depending on the type of activity occurring on each site. These include: 
Cooling Towers 
Air Handling Systems 
Wet humidification systems 
Paint spray booths 
Vehicle washing 
High-pressure cleaning facilities 
Plastic extrusion cooling 
Multitude of water based process systems 
Ornamental Fountain systems 
Swimming pools and Spas 
Water treatment system such as water softeners, demineralisation, and filter membrane systems. 
All water systems will need to be included in a Legionella Risk Assessment. The level of risk, for each one, will depend on a range of parameters including: 
Aerosol formation 
Temperature within the system 
System contamination and fouling both organic and inorganic 
Changes in system water chemistry 
Water quality of system make up water 
Location and proximity to people 
Risk management could include: 
Continuous water treatment to control contamination 
Continuous low-level disinfection 
Temperature monitoring 
Frequent cleaning and disinfection 
Chemical parameter control such as pH and TDS measurement 
Regular water testing and system monitoring 
Regular water sampling for bacteria (TVC) and also specifically for the presence of Legionella bacteria. 
The Legionella Risk Assessment will require experts, with experience of these and other water based processes, who can assess risk and provide risk control management solutions to the responsible person for each site who could be the health and safety managers or building services manager. 

25 Years' Experience 

GES Water has 25 years’ experience in Legionella risk control and management. We have experience in the automotive, pharmaceutical, large office blocks, food processing, plastic, chemical manufacturing, steel plants as well as other industrial and commercial sectors. 

Main Reference and Guidance Documents for the Control of Legionella 

Legionnaires' disease - A brief guide for duty holders 
Health and safety guidance HSG274 Part 2 Hot and Cold water service 
The control of legionella bacteria in water systems L8. Approved Code of Practice and guidance on regulations 
The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems 
Control of legionella bacteria in evaporative cooling systems HSG274 Part 1 
COSSH Working with substances hazardous to health 

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