We want to tell you more about Legionella Tech! Our Legionella Tech flushing unit sets new standards when it comes to protecting your people and safeguarding your reputation. 
We’ve been working in the water hygiene industry long enough to see – and develop – better ways of doing things. Today, our state-of-the-art automated system delivers improved reliability, better accuracy and a fantastic return on investment when it comes to protection from the threat of Legionella. 
As well as eliminating the risks and drawbacks of older, on-site testing methods, we’ve created a system that’s better for the environment and better for your bottom line too. Best of all, the more sites you operate, the bigger the benefit – perfect if you’re a facilities management business or water hygiene specialist. 
Ultimately, we want to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you couldn’t be offering better protection to the people you’re responsible for. The integrity of our system underpins its success, and that’s why it’s a system that delivers unparalleled legal compliance as well as unbeatable safety. 
Key features of Legionella Tech: 
• Automatic flushing-react and flush-by-set commands 
• Temperature monitoring takes a temperature every single minute 
• Web-based monitoring gives you control from anywhere in the world 
• Frost protection and freeze alarm for extra security 
• Fault alarm for added peace of mind 
• Self-managing ‘intelligent’ software knows if water is stagnant 
• Economical to run means smaller bills 
• Two-way communication for data gathering and proactive control 
• Synergy with other energy monitoring systems (e.g. fully compatible with the economise system) and can evolve with partner technologies 
• 1-10v connection 
The Benefits: 
1. Save time, shrink costs! 
Direct control and full automation means no more risk from sick days, holidays and unreliable contractors. it means complete compliance and improved cost-efficiency have never been easier to achieve. 
2. Maintenance free! 
Our autonomous systems are entirely self-sufficient, and they’ll even send full diagnostic reports to your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. 
3. Improved cost efficiency 
Our fit-and-forget automated system saves man-hours, and this can save literally thousands of pounds in the long run. in fact, return on investment is typically seen within just three months of installation. 
4. Easy retro-fit 
It’s never too late to have our qualified technicians install a new system. once fitted, its convenience, reliability and cost efficiency mean you’ll never look back. 
5. Wireless technology 
Our state-of-the-art wireless technology has a 2km range and gives you web-based monitoring of multiple sites from anywhere in the world. 
6. 2-way communication 
Our flushing units can be fully controlled remotely, giving you the ability to be reactive to site issues without the need to attend site. giving superior legionella control. 
For more information on Legionella Tech click here! 


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