ULV Fogging for Covid-19. 
We are pleased to share with you that we now offer Fogging Disinfection for buildings. 
ULV (ultra-low volume) Fogging is widely regarded as the best way to fog areas with biocide for killing COVID-19, helping keep businesses open and people safe. 
GES Water understands the importance of disinfecting water systems and keeping them safe from harmful bacteria that proliferates. In the current climate it is essential that every effort is made to ensure a safe and clean environment for everyone. Our fogging chemical has a proven 5-minute kill time and paired with our powerful ULV fogging equipment, it will make light work of even the largest of areas. 
Fast removal of biohazards is absolutely vital to reduce the risk of infection spreading across your business. Employers have a legal duty to protect both their staff and customers on their premises. 
During the COVID-19 pandemic, fog or mist treatments may be a more suitable options to help control the spread of the virus, by cleaning and disinfecting larger spaces. Any use of these treatments for these purposes should form part of your COVID-19 risk assessment. Users must be competent and properly trained. 
The Benefits of Disinfection Fogging: 
1. Fogging kills 99.9999% of viruses, fungi and bacteria. 
2. Studies have shown that ULV droplets are ideal to tackle pathogens, such as Coronavirus (COVID-19). 
3. Fogging quickly terminates both surface-based and airborne viruses. 
4. The fogging vapor or mist reaches even the smallest cracks and crevasses. 
5. Fogging quickly disinfects large areas. 
6. Fogging implements a quick and effective application method. This means minimal disruption to everyday business and activities. 
Contact us today for a quotation and see how we can offer our clients peace of mind and keep businesses safely maintained against COVID 19. 
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