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Public Health England recently announced that six people have received hospital treatment in West Bromwich, with a further three possible cases also being investigated. The first of these occurred back in July, and while there is not yet any definitive link between the cases, the close geographical location of each person affected suggests a common source for the outbreak is likely. 
Further tests are being carried out to identify other victims of the Legionella outbreak. 
The Health and Safety Executive is now investigating the incidents, with support from both Sandwell Council and Public Health England. Dr. Adrian Philips of PHE says: “While we do not currently have a direct link between these cases, the evidence we have points to the possibility that there is a common source. We are taking detailed histories of the movements of the individuals to see if there are similar patterns which would help to identify a common local source of infection.” 
Eight of the nine cases were reported in West Bromwich two weeks ago, with a single case in July also being linked. Three of these suspected cases have subsequently been confirmed via lab testing, while the other six remain suspected cases pending further investigation. 
Fixing Kitchen Tap
The Scottish plumbing industry has been warned over the risks of Legionella. 
Meanwhile, the plumbing industry in Scotland has been warned about Legionella in post-lockdown water supplies. The Trade association Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers (SNIPEF) has reiterated some of the concerns we’ve posted about in recent times, and has encouraged all re-opening business to contact Legionella Prevention professionals to ensure their buildings are completely safe. 
Martyn Raine, who is the Technical & Skills manager at SNIPEF, is quoted as saying: “Water, as a risk, can often be overlooked. People are very conscious of the dangers of elements such as gas and carbon monoxide, but we have to remain aware that water can pose a real risk to health also.” 
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