GES water we are introducing our latest legionella Remote Monitoring system that can both monitor system water temperatures and if required automatically flush hot and cold water outlets. The system also has the capability to monitor other parameters (e.g. closed water system corrosion control, water meter throughput, where inputs from the device are available). 
Operating a remote system means you can minimise the need for engineers to regularly enter properties to record temperature readings; an advantage for sensitive sites such as schools, healthcare facilities and care homes. This saves money, time and access delays, and maintains consistent testing locations. By removing the need to travel to numerous locations to record temperatures, we are also helping to reduce our carbon footprint. 
What makes this system Unique? 
This wireless system is effective for distances of up to 2 kilometers from the central data hub 
Can easily be retrofitted to most buildings. 
Continuous real-time temperature monitoring and flushing control 
Intelligent software 
Temperature monitors control flushing requirements and saves water and energy 
Energy and water saving 
Flushing units only flush when required depending on temperatures and use of outlets 
Two-way control with ability to programme remotely 
Saves labour costs 
Reduces security risks associated with contractor visits 
Fit and forget solution to remote monitoring 
Consistent and continuous compliance 
Lease Purchase available 
ROI from 9 months 
Saving Costs with Remote Monitoring 
Imagine if you could monitor Legionella temperature and flushing without visiting site! 
With Legionella Tech remote monitoring you can be saving expensive labour costs. Not only can you reduce labour costs you will also reduce water usage (estimated at 18 litres per temperature check if done manually) and energy costs by not running hot water outlet. Imagine if you can use Legionella tech remote monitoring to control and monitor fire extinguisher, fire safety door, and carbon monoxide compliance checks. Imagine monitoring and controlling your major closed water systems (HWS and CWS) for corrosion inhibitor levels. One Legionella Tech data hub comes with a minimum of 300 data inputs from wireless sensors so quite frankly the possibilities to control and manage your building systems is limited by your imagination only. 
For more information on Legionella Tech click here
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