If you manage facilities that have hot and cold-water systems, it is necessary to review your Legionella management plan regularly, especially if there are changes in your usage, changes to your water tank or changes to legislation. Under most circumstances, reviews should be carried out at intervals considered appropriate for the characteristics of your water systems. 
Legislation can sometimes adapt to situations such as the COVID-19 outbreak where many properties are experiencing low usage due to lockdown or due to new rules. Therefore, it is important that business owners regularly review the information. Legislation can sometimes be a lot to take in and understand, so if you are not familiar with it and need help, our well-trained team are always on hand to help you understand what your responsibilities are. 
There is no hard and fast rule to say how often you should undertake a Legionella risk assessment review. We would suggest at the very minimum you should have one at least every two years, but in many cases, it is wiser – and may be a legal duty – to undertake them more frequently. 
Legionella is a major risk to life, and an outbreak can ruin your reputation and result in prosecution if rules have not been adhered to. As long as your management plan is always up to date you will be ACOP L8 compliant. 
GES Water have fully trained and competent water safety experts to carry out these assessments for you, offering you peace of mind and clarity. 
It is also possible for someone at any business to become fully trained and competent in conducting these risk assessments themselves and we offer a Legionella Awareness Training course and a Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment pack to help too. See our shop for more details. 
You can contact us today to discuss the risk assessment your business may need and how often you may need one. With our expert assistance and advice, you can be sure your business will be safe and stay within the confines of the law. 
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