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With Legionella again making headlines across England and Wales, we want to share with you what can be done in domestic and commercial properties to prevent the rise in Legionnaires’ disease. 
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As we know, Legionella is caused by Legionella bacteria growing in natural water sources (such as rivers and lakes) and purpose-built water sources (such as shower heads and spa pools). By breathing in small water droplets carrying the bacteria, you can contract the disease. Anyone can contract Legionnaires disease, but for those that are over 45, smokers, heavy drinkers, or people suffering from respiratory or kidney disease are all at greater risks of falling victim. 
Top tips to avoid problems with Legionella: 
Flush Through – Any unused taps, showers, and pipework need to be flushed through regularly to help mitigate against the risk ensuring there is no water sitting or stagnating in the system. 
Regularly Clean Showerheads – This will ensure normal water flow. 
Damage – Check shower hoses for damage and kinks to prevent water pooling. 
Remove Dead Legs – Dead legs are a top breeding ground for Legionella bacteria because the water is usually room temperature which stagnates. This can become particularly dangerous when the water is slowly released back into the system. 
Temperature Checks – Temperature is so important when it comes to Legionella. Anything between 20 to 45º, means Legionella thrives. Temperatures in hot and cold systems should be regularly looked at. 
Chlorinate Systems – Chlorinating the systems every six months to one year is best. This is where the system will be drained, chlorinated, flushed and filled up again. This kills any existing Legionella bacteria and gives the system a good clean. 
Book a Risk Assessment – Risk assessments are key to preventing the growth of Legionella. A risk assessment should provide details on any kind of risk of Legionella growth. 
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GES Water have fully trained and competent water safety experts to carry out these assessments for you, offering you peace of mind and clarity. 
It is also possible for someone at any business to become fully trained and competent in conducting these risk assessments themselves and we offer a Legionella Awareness Training Course and a Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment Pack to help too. See our shop for more details: //ges-water.co.uk/shop/ 
You can contact us today to discuss the risk assessment your business may need and how often you may need one. With our expert assistance and advice, you can be sure your business will be safe and stay within the confines of the law. 
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