Lady Wearing Mask and Covid 19 Bacteria
GES Water are committed to the highest standards of Health & Safety and the welfare of our staff and clients, and never more so than in these worrying times. 
Following the announcement made by the Government earlier this week, we would like to inform you that GES Water are continuing to provide essential compliance services to our clients. This includes temperature monitoring, water sampling, cleaning and disinfections. We’re abiding by Government guidance on social distancing and being stringent with our hygiene measures, and all our staff are working diligently to adhere to this. 
As we’re continuing with our essential maintenance, all planned visits will be attended to. If you take the decision to close your premises, please inform us before the attendance date so that we can re-arrange. Please be aware that unfortunately we will have to charge an abortive fee for any visits cancelled without prior notice. 
The measures that are now being put in place to contain the virus will almost certainly impact upon your business, and these unprecedented steps of closing premises are likely to have an effect on your water systems. 
Please be aware that the risks of Legionella, TVC, E-coli Total Coliforms Bacteria and Pseudomonas being present in your system increase if your building remains empty or unused for a period of time. Staff may not have been available to flush to simulate usage. Assess the risk – it is unlikely that buildings can simply be reopened with no additional measures. Start-up procedures for systems may need to be reconsidered before buildings can be reopened. Consideration should be given to: 
Water system cleaning and disinfection 
Water quality checks 
If GES Water can be of any assistance with returning your buildings to service by carrying out system disinfections, sampling, and/or water quality checks please do not hesitate to contact us. 
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